Our Team

Melissa Rosen Duban


As CMO of Galaxy AI Innovations, Inc., Melissa developed business, marketing, and branding strategies, created compelling investor and prospect pitch presentations, and was responsible for POC content creation. ​​Melissa has produced content that has been published across many platforms, and has received several awards for campaign strategies, as well as accolades for innovating and implementing community programs

and services.


Owner of Broadstrokes Inc., a communication and messaging software technology company that has developed Twexxt, an SMS messaging platform with over 10,000 users.



Adam Hocek, CTO

Steve Ardire

VP Strategy

Ron Chabot

VP Business Development

and Sales

Ron’s ascending career in Medical Sales was derailed by substance addiction, from which it took the better of a decade for him to attain sobriety and regain control of his life. Ron's struggle with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) was both the inspiration and impetus to innovate a new approach designed to prevent addiction, and save and improve lives.